What We Do

Finding the right balance of effective security for your business while keeping costs to a minimum is a growing challenge in today's economic environment.

Ensuring your workplace is secure from internal and external incidents is a priority, yet implementing an improper security policy could end up negatively effecting your bottom line.

Then there are other factors to consider, such as your company's specific insurance requirements.

At DeAbbrick Consulting, we offer a full work-site analysis of your current security.  We will perform a physical inspection of your place of business, review your security policies and procedures, and make recommendations intended to ensure the best and most effective security for you.

Does your business require a CCTV camera system?  Electronic card access?  Physical or mobile security services?  

Does your business pay more than it should for redundant or ineffective security systems?

Our consultants are experienced in the Security Services industry and possess a wealth of knowledge which is at your disposal.  Our recommendations will be based on finding the best possible solutions for your security issues.

And best of all: We are independent. 

Unlike most Security Consultants who are sales representatives for Security Services companies, DeAbbrick is not affiliated with any Security firm. 

Our Consultants work for you.